Refurbishment & Modifications

Refurbishment & Modifications

Along side designing and manufacturing new items we also have the capability to refurbish and modify existing equipment you have. This might be adding a new fitting or instrument into a vessel, or a complete strip of cladding and insulation modification and then re-insulate and clad.

If you have an item that needs modifying then please get in touch.


1) Coordinate Transport - From and To Site

Either receive or collect item for modification and refurbishment from clients site back to our workshop. An then coordinate its return back.

2) Strip Cladding and Insulation

Remove old existing damage cladding and take off insulation to leave us with just the vessel to be worked on.

3) Refurbish and Modifications

Carry out refurbishment and modifications as per the clients requirement, this could include new instruments getting added or moving existing locations.

New instrument boss fitted.


4) Re-Insulate and Clad

Re-insulate and clad the vessel to the clients site specific standards using Able Engineering's approved insulators.